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Friday, March 02, 2012

Product Spotlight: NEW Dc Super Villains Book Series

Product Spotlight: NEW Dc Super Villains Book Series

About Joker On The High Seas: When the JOKER hijacks a ship in GOTHAM HARBOR, no one is safe. The self-proclaimed Clown Prince of Pirates plans to attack the city by sea! Luckily, two brave and bold buccaneers, BATMAN and ROBIN, are on the case. Will the DYNAMIC DUO swab the deck with this seafaring super-villain, or will they walk the Prince’s plank?  Buy on Amazon

About Lex Luthor and the Kryptonite Caverns: Deep below a Southwestern desert, wealthy mogul and super-villain LEX LUTHOR constructs a top-secret device to destroy his top enemy, SUPERMAN. Unfortunately, radiation from the KRYPTONITE-powered weapon has leaked into the surrounding soils and turned scorpions, snakes, and other arid animals into super species! To stop the fearsome fallout, the MAN OF STEEL must travel into the kryptonite caverns, face his worst enemy, and overcome his greatest weakness!  Buy on Amazon.

About Black Manta and the Octopus Army: The deep-sea super-villain BLACK MANTA is out to destroy ATLANTIS once and for all! He’s engineered an army of evil octopi to crush the underwater city and destroy its heroic ruler, AQUAMAN. If the SEA KING can’t stop the underwater marauder and his squid soldiers, ATLANTIS could be lost again!  Buy on Amazon.

Our thoughts: Here at Legions of Gotham we reguarly feature cool new Batman related product.  These new books by Capstone Kids feature the baddest DC Villains in spotlighted stories.  The artwork is in line with the Bruce Timm "Timmverse" style.  The Joker design used is an interesting mixture of seemingly all of the different incarnations of the character.  The stories are fun and great to get kids into Dc Comics.  Also, these are fantastic for collectors and fans of the animated series..lets face it we don't get a lot of new merchandise in that style anymore!

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