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Monday, March 26, 2012

My Week with Marilyn Blu-Ray / DVD Combo Review

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My Week with Marilyn Blu-Ray / DVD Combo Review

Synopsis: During Marilyn Monroe’s (Oscar® Nominee Michelle Williams) first trip to London to film “The Prince and the Showgirl,” with Sir Laurence Olivier (Oscar® Nominee Kenneth Branagh), she befriends Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), an ambitious 23 year-old production assistant on the set. As their relationship progresses Colin’s focus shifts from making his way in the film business to rescuing her from the pressures of celebrity life. When Monroe’s new husband, playwright Arthur Miller, makes a brief trip to Paris, Clark takes the opportunity to introduce her to the world outside of Hollywood fame. Based on the true story by Colin Clark, this memoir describes a magical week in which Monroe opens herself up to a stranger and finds in him a confidant and an ally.

Review: Marilyn Monroe is one of those few iconic performers that died while young and beautiful.  Her mysterious death and quirkly life have enthralled fans for decades...moreso than her actual films, for that matter.  Although I personally am a huge fan of her body of work.  My Week With Marilyn is a film produced after a book of the same name.   The film showcases Monroe as vulnerable (which is well portrayed by Williams, although she lacks the physique to portray her well), drug addicted and difficult.  Honestly, I don't buy into this story or the memoir personally.  There have been many that come forward posthumously with tales of their time with marilyn, but many have either been discredited or just aren't taken seriously.  That aside, this film is VERY well made and a great piece of fantasy.

Interest Range: Drama, Biopic