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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ghost Hunters International Season 2: Part 1 DVD Review

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Ghost Hunters International Season 2: Part 1 DVD Review

Synopsis: This spin-off of the popular Ghost Hunters series is back for its second season, taking you on a bone-chilling ride with real paranormal investigators as they explore the world’s most legendary haunted spots. 

Witness the fearless investigators explore an ancient castle in Czech Republic, an 18th Century prison in Ireland, the Palazzo Ducale in Italy and even a castle said to be constructed over a portal to Hell. With these and many other unique locations, who knows the kinds of twisted discoveries awaiting these paranormal enthusiasts!

Review:  This DVD collects the first part of the second season of the Ghost Hunters spin-off show.  If you're into the supernatural, then this one is for you!  They use great investigative techniques and do their best to debunk all possible theories in order to bring you the best investigation possible.  Whats almost as cool as the hunt itself is the great and spooky international locations!  Everywhere from the Czech Republic to Italy and England. 

Episodes: Wicklow’s Gaol, Skeleton in the Closet, Gate to Hell, Witches Castle, Spirits of Italy, Holy Ghosts, Hitler’s Ghost, Silver Shadow, Quarantine Station, Port Arthur Penitentiary, Tasmania Death Sentence, San Lucas Prison, The Legend of Rose Hall.

Interest Range: Documentary, Supernatural