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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fans name The Dark Knight Rises as Most Anticipated Superhero Movie of the Summer

Fans name The Dark Knight Rises as Most Anticipated Superhero Movie of the Summer

Batman smashes The Avengers and Spider-Man in poll

MARCH 27, 2012 – Movie fans have named The Dark Knight Rises as the most anticipated superhero movie of the summer, according to a poll for games and entertainment site, – one of the most visited websites for men aged 18-24.

Ahead of the biggest-ever blockbuster summer for superhero movies, more than half of the 53,000 fans polled picked the new Batman flick, as ensemble movie The Avengers came in second with 17,000 votes.  The Amazing Spider-Man reboot took just 5,000 votes, less than 10% of the total.

Fans are also excited about the characters in the new Batman movie; when asked which they were most excited to see, Tom Hardy’s Bane from The Dark Knight Rises was a clear favorite, pulling in more than half of the votes, followed by Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk and Rhys Ifan’s Lizard rounded out the top choices.

Rounding off a perfect sweep for DC & Warner Bros, The Dark Knight Rises Director, Christopher Nolan was a clear pick for ‘favorite Comic Book movie maker’ capturing an incredible 80% of the vote, leaving The Avenger’s Joss Whedon and The Amazing Spider-Man’s Marc Webb in his wake.

“The appetite for Batman and The Dark Knight Rises is enormous, and the level of anticipation for this film could not be higher,” said Chris Carle, Entertainment Editorial Director of “It’s Nolan’s last in the series, and the sequel to one of the highest grossing films of all-time, so the hype isn’t unexpected.”

Summer 2012 will be one for the fanboy books, with three of the most hotly anticipated comic book movies ever coming to the big screen. First, Marvel's ultimate team-up film arrives when The Avengers assemble on May 4. Then Spidey himself is reborn as The Amazing ASpiderman spins into theaters July 3. And finally, completes his Bat-trilogy when The Dark Knight Rises arrives on July 20.

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Additional Information:

Which of this summer's comic book movies are you most excited to see?

Total Votes: 53,000

Marvel's The Avengers: 17,279
The Amazing Spider-Man: 3,794
The Dark Knight Rises: 31,927

Which new character are you most excited to see?

Total Votes: 39,201

Mark Ruffalo's Hulk: 5,569
Rhys Ifans' Lizard: 3,006
Tom Hardy's Bane: 24,160
Anne Hathaway's Catwoman: 6,466

Which superhero movie will perform the best this summer?

Total Votes: 39,009

Marvel's The Avengers: 7,477
The Amazing Spider-Man: 1,240
The Dark Knight Rises: 30,292

Which filmmaker are you a bigger fan of?

Total Votes: 37,596

Joss Whedon: 4,925
Marc Webb: 610
Christopher Nolan: 32,061

Combined total number of vote in all four polls: 121,106