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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Track 29 DVD Review

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Track 29 DVD Review

Synopsis: George Harrison’s Handmade Films presents Track 29, starring Gary Oldman (Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, Sid and Nancy), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future, Taxi), and Theresa Russell (Wild Things). Distraught and dreamy Linda Henry (Russell) is unhappy with her sexless, childless marriage to surgeon Henry Henry (Lloyd). Desperate for a diversion, she is captivated when Martin (Oldman) suddenly drops in on Linda claiming to be the child she gave up for adoption after a teenage pregnancy. They spend time together trying to find a bond, but strange behaviors and bizarre events indicate that things aren’t as they seem. Is Martin really the son she gave up for adoption at birth or just figment of her imagination?

Review: I had never seen Track 29, as the film came out back in 1988 and I was only nine!   Going back now and watching this film, it should definately get some more attention.  The gritty and trippy feel is perfect for this film.  This one is a definate precursor to the themes found in Fight Club a decade later.   The cast is to die for...Christopher Lloyd and Gary Oldman.  Oldman turns in a fantastic early performance and really blows you away with his insanity.  I highly recommend this to anyone that digs underground and subversive film.

Interest Range: Drama