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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Rebound Blu-Ray Review

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The Rebound Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: You'll love this fresh and funny romantic comedy starring Academy Award(R) Winner Catherine Zeta-Jones ("No Reservations", "Ocean's Twelve") and Justin Bartha ("The Hangover", "National Treasure"). When Sandy (Zeta-Jones) catches her husband fooling around with her friend, she packs up the kids, moves to Manhattan, and starts a new life. Desperately needing a babysitter, Sandy turns to a handsome coffee shop clerk named Aram (Bartha). Soon, unexpected sparks are flying between Sandy and her new "nanny" - who also happens to be twenty years younger! Falling in love and freaking out, Sandy must decide if her feelings for Aram are real or is Aram catching her on "The Rebound".

Review: The Rebound is a modern love story.  This one could even be categorized as a "chick flick", but I don't think thats fair.  This film has its laughs and good moments that will appeal to all viewers.  The film focuses on two people on the rebound..on top of that she is a cougar...this one is definately modern...but sweet.

Interest Range: Romantic Comedy