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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Storage Wars Volume 2 DVD Review

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Storage Wars Volume 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: In VOLUME TWO the hunt continues as the fortune foursome blaze through Southern California storage facilitiesbut with new enemies and higher stakes, finding auction treasure has never been more difficult. A&E s smash hit series is back with a vengeance continuing to dive into a world where Hollywood memorabilia and vintage guitars are just a small measure of the plunder to be found, a world where cash is king and winner takes all, where it s anyone s guess who will come out on top.

Review: We love Storage Wars.  In our home, the entire family gathers around the TV to enjoy the exploits of Dave, Jarrod/Brandy, Darrell and Barry.   I don't care what anyone says...Dave is the best and Barry is the funniest.  So there.  Anyway, this one is a fantastic watch and a must-own for any fan of good TV!  If you're into antiquing/junking at all, then you'll get a huge kick out of watching these guys bid on old storage lockers and rifling through them for treasures.  This second season is more of the same goodness.

Interest Range: Reality