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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mandrill Blu-Ray Review

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Mandrill Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Antonio is made an orphan when his parents are brutally murdered. As years of vengeance build up, he transforms into a relentless bounty hunter code-named "Mandrill." His sole mark is to find his parents' murderer and avenge their deaths. While on the job to capture a powerful Mafioso casino owner, Mandrill falls for his target's daughter, Dominique. As he becomes closer to her, he makes a discovery that positions Dominique as an obstacle to his ultimate revenge.

Review: I went into Mandrill thinking I was getting a bad ass revenge flick.  What I got was a bizarre and unexpected throwback to 1970s television!   The campy scenes..the music..the was all just weird.  The film, at its core, is a spoof or tribute to an era well forgotten.
The special features on this blu-ray include: Behind the Scenes of Mandrill, Anatomy of a Fight Scene and aTrailer.

Interest Range: Action, Drama