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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Justice League: Doom Blu-Ray / DVD Review

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Justice League: Doom Blu-Ray / DVD Review

Synopsis: The world's greatest superheroes face their ultimate challenge--the mind of the Batman--when the Darknight Detective's secret plans to take down his Justice League colleagues should they turn against mankind fall into the hands of immortal villain Vandal Savage and a cabal of their deadliest enemies.

Review: The film opens up with that familar growl..the voice of the definitve Batman, Kevin Conroy.  Its just fantastic to hear each and every time.  We are treated almost immediately to a fantastic action-packed battle between the main League members and the Royal Flush Gang. 

Justice League: Doom goes onto be one of the best Dc Universe films to date!    We get a fantastic level of animation, high-quality voice acting, including a return to the Green Lantern character by Nathan Fillion and a return to the Flash from Michael Rosenbaum!  This one feels like a nice extention of the JLU series.  This one is highly enjoyable from start to finish and is sure to please any Dc Comics fan!

Nerdy Note: After watching the discussion between Superman and Batman near the end of the film, I'm convinced that we will be getting HUSH made into a film sooner than later.  An item he provides Superman certainly does open that possibility up a bit.

Interest Range: Animation, Batman