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Saturday, February 11, 2012

John Mulaney: New In Town DVD Review

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John Mulaney: New In Town DVD Review

Synopsis: Congratulations, you're a few easy steps from being the lucky owner of this stand-up special! You're purchase comes with the thoughts and feelings of comedian John Mulaney: a pleasant, nearly 30 year old, man who enjoys making fun of himself and others. In New In Town, John Mulaney tackles such red-hot topics as quicksand, Motown singers, and an elderly man he once met in a bathroom. Through his stories you will watch Mulaney age from a nervous, dishonest child to a still nervous, dishonest adult. It's an hour. And John Mulaney hopes you enjoy it.

Review: We enjoy a lot of stand-up comedy here at the Legion.  Subsequently, we're rather particular about what we enjoy..and what we feature.   Lets face it there is a LOT of crap out there.  Today, we're featuring John Mulaney's new DVD, "New In Town".   I wasn't familiar with Mulaney and I didn't think he'd be anthing to write home about, but I was dead wrong. He does a bit on Home Alone 2 that still has me laughing as I write this.  Yeah..I said Home Alone 2.  His comedy is fresh, new and absolutely hip.  John is a writer on SNL and one of the best young comics out there.  Definately pick this one up!

Interest Range: Stand-up Comedy