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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Insight DVD Review

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Insight DVD Review

Synopsis: While attempting to save the life of a fatally stabbed young woman, ER nurse Kaitlyn is accidentally electrocuted by a backfiring defibrillator. Upon awakening, she begins to experience memories that are not hers, but rather those of the now deceased victim. With her sanity in question and nowhere to turn, Kaitlyn must weave through the womans past and piece together her memories before the killer strikes again.

Review: In the realm of psychological thrillers we're rarely surprised these days.   Insight takes this cliche'd genre and really freshens it up!  The acting in this film is fantastic, the directing even better and this one will leave you guessing until what we'll call one of the best twists in a long while!  Check it out!

Interest Range: Drama