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Friday, February 10, 2012

Drive Blu-Ray Review

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Drive Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Ryan Gosling stars as a Hollywood stunt driver for movies by day and moonlights as a wheelman for criminals by night. Though a loner by nature, “Driver” can’t help falling in love with his beautiful neighbor Irene (Carey Mulligan), a young mother dragged into a dangerous underworld by the return of her ex-convict husband. After a heist goes wrong, Driver finds himself driving defense for the girl he loves, tailgated by a syndicate of deadly serious criminals (Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman). Soon he realizes the gangsters are after more than the bag of cash and is forced to shift gears and go on the offense.

Review: Drive is a throwback action film that is remiscent of the 1980s glory days.  I don't typically enjoy Ryan Gosling, but this film redeemed him a bit for me.  This film has some fantastic drive sequences and a great romance backround theme.  This one may appeal to all and would be a great weekend watch!

The special features on this blu-ray include: I Drive, Under The Hood, Driver and Irene, Cut To The Chase and Drive Without A Driver: Interview With Nicolas Winding Refn.

Interest Range: Action