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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bob The Builder: Here to Help DVD Review

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Bob The Builder: Here to Help DVD Review

Synopsis: Having fun is getting it done, especially when Bob the Builder and his best friends are here to help! Watch and learn as Bob rescues his pal Scruffy, repairs an old theater, builds a stage, and throws a surprise birthday party for his best friend Wendy. Get the help you need from Bob the Builder in these heartwarming tales of teamwork and adventure.

Review: This new Bob the Builder DVD is great for preschool aged children.  The lessons learned as Bob spends nearly an hour helping his friends and building various odd structures is a lovely watch for little ones.   My son had never seen Bob until we popped this DVD in, but he instantly took a liking to Bob and Friends...especially the lovable Scruffy.  We definately recommend this one.

Interest Range: Kids, Animation