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Monday, February 06, 2012

Ancient Aliens: Season Three DVD Review

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Ancient Aliens: Season Three DVD Review

Synopsis: Another season of alien intervention belongs to HISTORY. ANCIENT ALIENS continues to examine 75 million years of the most credible alien evidence here on Earth. SEASON 3 explores new directions, including sightings and phenomena from ancient times to the present. From the age of dinosaurs to ancient Egypt, from early cave drawings to continued mass sightings in the U.S., each episode gives historic depth to the questions, speculations, controversies, firsthand accounts and grounded theories surrounding an age-old debate. Did intelligent life forms from outer space visit Earth thousands of years ago? Do they visit us now? HISTORY ignites the inquiry while exploring possible connections between UFO phenomena and information decoded from ancient texts and artifacts

Review: The History Channel has some of the best shows on TV.  Ancient Aliens is without a doubt one of the most unique.  This DVD release collects the complete third season of the show.  A few of the topics covered this season includes the wild west, high energy fields and what may really be below the permafrost in Siberia. We continue to enjoy this show and I'm surprised they can still find more subject matter!  Its a great watch.

Interest Range: Documentary, Aliens