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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vintage Compacts & Beauty Accessories Book Review

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Vintage Compacts & Beauty Accessories Book Review

About the Book: A unique and exciting array of vintage compacts, vanity purses, and cosmetics is displayed in this new book featuring over 500 photographs. Figurals, novelties, whimsicals, vanity purses, enameled, jeweled, patters, plis, necessaires, makeup kits, beauty boxes, and compact jewelry constructed of such materials as metal, Bakelite, Lucite, and celluloid are among the outstanding examples explored. This in-depth historical account of these fascinating collectibles includes the artistic contributions of manufacturers and designers featuring Salvador Dali and Max Factor. It explores European influences, and features early advertisements and unusual promotional techniques, including the evolution of cosmetics through celebrity endorsements and trends. Current values are conveniently included in the captions.

Our Take: We enjoy a focus on collecting books here at the Legion.  Our favorite of such books to feature are by the fine folks at Schiffer.  This one is a hardcover book that focuses on collecting vintage compacts and other beauty accessories.  My lovely wife happens to collect these, so I have some insight into whats out there.  This book focuses mostly in early 20th century pieces, as that was a heyday for these items.  The 1920s and 1930s are an especially great time.  This book gives ton of great info and full color pictures of everything from compacts to lipsticks and powders.  This is a great reference guide to have on what types of items are out there.  Its quite educational and a great read.

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