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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sesame Street: Iron Monster and Sesame Heroes DVD Review

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Sesame Street: Iron Monster and Sesame Heroes DVD Review

Synopsis: Look! Up in the air on Sesame's a's a's...Iron Monster??!!! When Super Grover's cape is not ready at the Laundromat, he turns himself in to Iron Monster, "Super Hero of the Laundromat" heroically solve any laundry related problem that comes his way. Can he make change for the dryer and subtract stains using amazing math skills? Will his power of static cling come through in a pinch? Find out in this and two other action packed "Sesame Street" stories including fantastic friends Elmo, Abby, and Rosita in the story of "The Furry Four", and Super Grover's silly search for a new sidekick. It's heroic math fun for everyone.

Review: We love Sesame Street here at the Legion.  Elmo is without a doubt the single most important character in children's programming...perhaps ever.  This cool new DVD cashes in on the recent coolness factor of superheros and comic books with some themed skits.   This one is an absolute funfest for any kid.

Interest Range: Elmo, Sesame Street