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Monday, January 23, 2012

Product Feature: The Green Hornet TV Series Action Figure Box Set

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About the Figures: The Green Hornet television series first aired on the ABC television network in 1966 and lasted for 26 classic episodes.  

Factory Entertainment is proud to present The Green Hornet and Kato as they appeared on the small screen.

Sculpted by Masked Avenger Studio’s Ruben Procopio and Bryan Wynia, each figure includes a display base and interchangeable hands/weapons. The Green Hornet can be displayed with either his fearsome sting or Gas Gun. Kato can be displayed with Nunchuks or throwing dart.

Our Take: The Green Hornet TV show was a great example of mid-60s action drama.  The show even crossovered with the 1966 Batman TV show!  Factory Entertainment has produced some really cool Hornet merchandise for the new film and this action figure set from the classic TV show, featuring the legendary Bruce Lee.  The sculpt on these is absolutely fantastic!  The level of detail is amazing and the poses are wicked.  They do come with alternate hands, but I really like the way they come standard.  You can leave them in the box or remove 'em and display at will.  We highly recommend these for any fan!

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