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Monday, January 23, 2012

King Arthur and Medieval Britain DVD Review

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King Arthur and Medieval Britain DVD Review

Synopsis: For centuries, the adventures of King Arthur and his fabled court of heroes, the Knights of the Round Table, have dominated the imagination of the western world. This special collection presents five original specials that will help separate fact from fiction.
Quest for King Arthur examines the tantalizing historical facts behind the story of King Arthur and his band of deathless heroes and illuminates the contemporary quest by researchers to establish if the 6th-century warlord truly existed.

King Arthur: His Life and Legends offers stunning recreations and abundant images from centuries past, to explore the social, political and emotional factors that have made Arthur's story so dear to Western culture.

Ancient Mysteries: Camelot takes the viewer on a magical quest through England and Wales in search of Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin, and Excalibur in an attempt to uncover evidence that Arthur s battles really took place.

Knights and Armor traces the history of arms and armor with an up-close look at the world-famous Graz collection of Armor in Austria and recaptures the chivalry and grandeur of a legendary, by-gone age.

Quest for the Holy Grail wonders if it is possible this sacred relic has survived as a hidden treasure or could it be one of the ancient vessels displayed in museums throughout the world.

Review: The History Channel is known for releasing some of the best documentaries out there and this set on King Arthur is no exception!  The DVD set is a collection of various documentaries and episodes from Ancient Mysteries that all focus on King Arthur and Camelot!  This is a fantastic collection and a great way to have focused material on such an important historical subject.  We absolutely love this one!

DISC 1: Quest for King Arthur / King Arthur: His Life and Legends / Ancient Mysteries: Camelot

DISC 2: Knights and Armor / Ancient Mysteries: Quest For The Holy Grail

Interest Range: History Channel, Documentary