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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Division III: Football's Finest Blu-Ray Review

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Division III: Football's Finest Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Comedy mad man Andy Dick (Old School) leads a winning ensemble cast in this outrageous comedy in the no holds barred tradition of Bad Santa and Bad Teacher. Meet bad coach Rick Vice, a redneck psycho with a suspect record (the attempted murder of a Pee Wee football team). When the Pulham Blue Cocks coach drops dead on the sidelines, Vice is the last resort to turn around the worst team in college football's worst division (it's one step up from Nerf). Marshall Cook costars as Mitch, the slacker second-string quarterback who butts helmets with Vice, his worst nightmare, but maybe Vice's demented methods will be just the spark to turn Mitch and the Blue Cocks into winners. Adam Corolla (The Man Show) and MadTV veterans Will Sasso, Debra Wilson, Mo Collins and Bryan Callen go the extra yard in this comedy that will blindside you.

Review: Its a rare bird that really "gets" Andy Dick.  He is kind of a maniac, after all.  I am one of those rare birds, though.  I think he's hilarious.  This film is the best example of his work that I've seen in years.  If this one can catch on, he just might be looking at a comeback.  The comedy is well structured and outrageous and definately a good time for those that enjoy extreme comedy.

Interest Range: Comedy