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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Diary Of A Single Mom DVD Review

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Diary Of A Single Mom DVD Review

Synopsis: In the center of a storm is Ocean (Monica Calhoun), a 27-year old highly-motivated mother who manages a neighborhood apartment building and all of the problems that come along with it. Managing the building is a dream come true for Ocean. Not only has she secured a job with a title, but also managed to escape her family’s problems and the closet-sized bedroom she and her two children used to share in her mother’s house. Now, Ocean is juggling a new job, a new home furnished with only cardboard boxes, a niece who hates everything, her own two children and the needs of all the other tenants. Diary of a Single Mom illuminates the challenges and triumphs of three women struggling to create lives that not only sustain them and their families, but also inspire others toward more action and compassion in their own lives.

Review: Diary of a Single Mom is the tale of Ocean, a single mother facing new life challenges, as she moves her kids into an apartment building full of ...interesting..characters that she is tasked with managing.  This one is a great modern day family film about the challenges of single parenting.  Its inspirational and quite well done.  We definately recommend.

Interest Range: Drama