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Sunday, January 29, 2012

DC Super-Pets Backward Bowwow Book Review

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DC Super-Pets Backward Bowwow Book Review

About the Book: When BIZARRO KRYPTO crash lands on Earth, he cant believe his eyes. Humans own dogs as pets! On his planet, everything is the exact opposite. Canines rule the world! Before returning home, he promises to make things right . . . or maybe wrong.

Our Take: Stone Arch books has been producing these great new Dc Comics themed Dc Super-Pets books!  In the tradition started by the Krypto cartoon years ago, this follows the expolits of everyone from Krypto to Ace the Bathound and beyond.  Its an entire world of animal heroes and villains in the DC Universe!  This one poses Krypto the Superdog against the bizarro version of himself (comic nerds know what that means!).  This one is well written and the art from newcomer, but already comic book fan favorite Art Baltazar is a treat!

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