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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cold Sweat DVD Review

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Cold Sweat DVD Review

Synopsis: When Roman's girlfriend disappears, he expects to find her in the arms of another man. Instead he finds her held captive by a pair of elderly and unstable political radicals armed with cases of decades-old and highly explosive dynamite. The villainous duo has been conducting illicit experiments on young girls lured to their home via the internet, and unless Roman can free his young love from their clutches, she's likely to end up in pieces due to a generous slathering of nitroglycerin. A delirious old school horror picture with the most memorable villains in years at its core, Adrian Garcia Bogliano's "Cold Sweat" is an unforgettable shocker loaded with wildly imaginative and stylish action.

Review: I'm not really into horror, but Cold Sweat took me my surprise.  It plays more like an intense thriller with some brutal action.  The film is very modern, in that the victims are lured via the internet.  The motivations of the villains isn't quite clear at all times, but their banter is darkly hilarious.  This one is definately worth the watch.

Interest Range: Suspense, Horror