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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Celluloid: Collectibles from the Dawn of Plastics Book Review

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Celluloid: Collectibles from the Dawn of Plastics Book Review

About the Book: A sweeping survey of the early world of plastics is presented here in text and over 500 color photographs of celluloid toys, ornaments, jewelry, greeting cards, dolls, and much more. Advertisements from early twentieth century catalog pages futher chronicle the artifacts made with this enchanting early plastic. Celluloid objects of many forms and functions are included, ranging from holiday items and novelties to children's play things and utilitarian objects--all of which would have been found scattered throughout homes during the early decades of the twentieth century. Additionally, a concise but colorful history of the development of celluloid is provided (including startling accounts of exploding billiard balls and curling dentures). Values are found in the captions of the objects illustrated. A bibliography is provided as well. This book is a fascinating look back at the celluloid products of yesteryear.

Our Take: We enjoy all aspects of collecting here at the Legion and one of the companies we love to feature here is Schiffer books!  They make, without a doubt, the coolest books on collecting.  This one focuses on the ultra-collectible market from early plastics...Celluloid.  This comprehensive hardcover book is chock full of fantastic examples of everything from children's toys to picture frames and Xmas memorabilia...all made from Celluloid!  The guide is very informative and has tons of information about hte plastic, along with a great reference guide to what is out there!  This one is fantastic for anyone looking to get into collecting, or even the seasoned collector..everyone has something to learn from this one!

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