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Sunday, January 29, 2012

4 New Green Lantern Book Reviews!

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4 New Green Lantern Book Reviews!

About the Escape From the Orange Lanterns Book: Warriors of the GREEN LANTERN CORPS are missing all over the universe! The search for his partners leads HAL JORDAN to the jungles of Okaara, a deadly planet of danger and deception.HAL finds his friends, imprisoned and robbed of their rings. He also finds the gross, greedy LARFLEEZE, a cruel ORANGE LANTERN who creates an army of phantom fighters. Can HAL defeat an orange version of himself . . . when he is deprived of his own power ring?

 About Red Lanterns' Revenge: HAL JORDAN, guardian of intergalactic Sector 2814, travels to Mars with two of his GREEN LANTERN CORPS teammates to investigate a mysterious crater on the Red Planet. Clues lead them to the distant planet Ysmault, but its a trap! HALs companions are captured by ATROCITUS, leader of the rebellious RED LANTERNS. But if HAL gives in to his anger, the mad Atrocitus will grow in strength, take over Earths solar system, and become even more powerful than HAL!

About Prisoner of the Ring: On a distant planet, GREEN LANTERN battles an attack of formerly peaceful robots. He learns too late that the mechanical marauders are infected by an ultra-evil, ultra-advanced nano virus hungry for power. The wizard quickly invades the nearest form of high tech energy: GREEN LANTERNs ring. HAL JORDAN must shrink to microscopic size and enter the ring itself, or else his unlimited power will turn against the very galaxies he has sworn to protect!

About Fear the Shark: Something fishy is at work in COAST CITY. A new super-villain rises from the peaceful waters . . . the SHARK, who uses telepathy and oceanic powers to feed off the citizens frenzy and fright. Luckily, citizen HAL JORDAN is secretly hero GREEN LANTERN. His power ring should be able to liquidate the SHARKs watery weapons. But when the slippery predator sends a monstrous tsunami toward the city, can the Emerald Crusader stop the mounting wave of fear?

Our Take: This set of four books continues the DC Super Heroes series from Stone Arch books.  These great books feature some fun stories with a nice variety of villains and characters from the Green Lantern Universe.  Any fan, young or old, would love these!  Plus, these are a nice way to get your kids into comics!

How to Buy: Escape From the Orange Lanterns, Red Lanterns' Revenge, Prisoner of the Ring and Fear The Shark