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Sunday, January 29, 2012

4 New Dc Super Heroes Flash Book Reviews!

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4 New Dc Super Heroes Flash Book Reviews!

About Killer Kaleidoscope: A gigantic kaleidoscope in the CENTRAL CITY Museum turns into a fearful weapon at the hands of the colorful RAINBOW RAIDER. He uses the device to hypnotize the entire city, which is just his first step to controlling the whole world. The FLASHs super-speed is tested to the utmost. He must try racing at the speed of light to outrun the kaleidoscopes bewildering force. If he doesnt succeed, CENTRAL CITY could collapse into a newly created Black Hole!

About Ice and Flame: Super-villains HEATWAVE and CAPTAIN COLD dont like the FLASH, but they dont like each other either! They face off in a climate-changing smackdown that could spell disaster for Earths ecosystems. The FLASH tries to take the foes one-on one, but ends up encased in arctic ice. Unable to move, FLASH watches as HEATWAVE turns up the threat level by melting the frozen seabed . . . a sea full of explosive methane gas!

About Clock King's Time Bomb: On December 31, New Zealanders are about to ring in the New Year. But when the clock strikes midnight . . . it stops! Technology starts to malfunction throughout the entire time zone. Cell phones and computers shut down. Planes, trains, and automobiles run wild. Then the CLOCK KING appears, spouting his evil plan. When the clock strikes midnight across all time zones, the world will be doomed! Luckily, the FLASH is on the case. He sprints from continent to continent, stopping crimes and helping wherever he can. But the FLASH must find the location of the Time Bomb before the whole planet falls under the hand of the CLOCK KING.

About Captain Boomerang's Comeback!: After a series of random robberies, the FLASH's head is whirling at super-speed. He wants to take down this out-of-sight outlaw, but the confusing clues aren't adding up. For one man, however, each piece is part of a colossal comeback. The super-villain CAPTAIN BOOMERANG is out to seek revenge against the SCARLET SPEEDSTER! But the super hero knows what goes around comes around, and hes not about to let this crazy crook spin out of control.

Our Take: These four Flash books are some of the latest in the Stone Arch Books DC Super Heroes series.  The books feature great animated style artwork joined with fun writing and great stories.  These books are all fantastic and fun..great for fans of all ages from kids to adults.  This is a fun way to get your kids into reading and into Dc Comics!

How to Buy: Killer Kaleidoscope, Ice and Flame, Clock King's Time Bomb and Captain Boomerang's Comeack!