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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Vampires DVD Review

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Vampires DVD Review

Synopsis: Vincent Lannoo s VAMPIRES is the This Is Spinal Tap of vampire films, the true story of a clan of vampires trying to hold their family together and get along with the neighbors. Dad seems to be channelling Bela Lugosi. Mom s a little bit off. Throw a rebellious son and a daughter pining for her lost mortality into the mix and it s a recipe for family discord. Add a bewildered documentary crew and things are bound to get a little chaotic.

Winner of the Audience Award at the prestigious Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, VAMPIRES is a hilarious re-imagining of the vampire mythos, a poke in the eye to both the glamour of Lestat and the glittery teen angst of Twilight.

Review: Vampires is a hilarious spoof on the absurd recent surge in vampire films.  This film is basically a crazy documentary style film about a family of "real" vampires.  They're all silly chiches from various eras of the vampire mythos.  The film is a refreshing change from the norm and its nice to see someone else that thinks the vampire thing is getting overdone already.  This one is a great laugh and is sure to become a cult hit.

Interest Range: Mockumentary, Comedy