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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Walking Dead Holiday Gift Guide!

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It's that time of year again where the stress of finding the perfect gift reaches apocalyptic proportions. This year, AMC rescues you from your fate as an undead shopper with a horde of The Walking Dead merchandise. Herewith, a selection of shambling stocking-stuffers.

The Walking Dead Action Figures
McFarlane Toys has a series of action figures based on AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1. The four deluxe 6-inch figures include Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Zombie Walker and Zombie Biter. (Click here for photos.) Each human figure comes with interchangeable accessories and several points of articulation. Zombie figures feature wind-up walking action and biting action.
Available at: Toys R Us, Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth and the AMC Store.

The Walking Dead Apparel
Deck your torso with hordes of zombies this holiday season with The Walking Dead T-shirts. Choose from tees depicting a trio of zombies, a blood-spattered Rick, The Walking Dead posters and more.
Available at:, Hot Topic and the AMC Store.

The Walking Dead Board Game
In The Walking Dead Board game, only the strong survive. The weak turn into walkers, and then turn against their former friends! Fight your way through zombie-infested Atlanta, visit destinations like the department store and the CDC. Take on the role of Rick, Andrea or one of the other survivors then scrounge for a shotgun or a crossbow. Should you fall to the hungry horde, the game doesn't end instead "dead" players becomes walkers who leave the world of the living behind and seek out the remaining survivors. If you can make it back to camp with enough gear to defend yourself, you win!
Available at:, Comic Retailers and online at the AMC Store.

The Walking Dead Trading Cards
In the AMC's The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes leads a band of humans trying to survive. The series is as much about the nature of humanity as it is about survival. Each card takes a piece of the human experience -- brotherhood, teamwork, mourning -- and turns it into an individual snapshot of this harrowing tale. The first release in the trading card series covers the events of Season 1 and features a 72 card base set along with feature autographs and memorabilia from the show.
Available at: The AMC Store.

The Walking Dead Chronicles: The Official Companion Book
The only authorized, behind-the-scenes guide to Season 1, The Walking Dead Chronicles focuses on the making of the Emmy-winning TV show as well as the creation of the New York Times bestselling comic book on which the series is based. The book is lav­ishly illustrated with never-before-seen unit photography, storyboards, set designs, makeup and visual effects shots, plus page-to-screen comparisons of the comic and TV show. Featuring an interview with comic book creator Robert Kirkman, the book also includes sidebars that serve as a detailed episode guide, and excerpts from early drafts and final scripts.
Available at:, Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Comic Retailers and online at the AMC Store.

The Walking Dead Zombie Busts
Finally, the perfect object to display proudly atop your mantle: A brand new series of collectible mini-busts from AMC's The Walking Dead! The busts, fashioned after Season 1's Bicycle Girl and Tank Zombie, are designed and sculpted by KNB EFX Group, the same special effects team that creates the zombie and makeup effects for the show. The busts are made of resin, hand-painted and stand approximately 6.5 inches tall.
Available at: and the AMC Store.

The Walking Dead 2012 16-Month Calendar
This is a 16-month calendar for AMC's The Walking Dead TV show. Calendar starts at September 2011 and goes through December 2012 . The calendar features shots and characters from Season 1.
Available at: and the AMC Store.

The Walking Dead Season 1 Special Edition DVD and Blu-Ray
This special edition DVD includes all six episodes with audio commentary, a black-and-white version of the Pilot episode, new behind-the-scenes featurettes like "Bring Out The Dead: KNB And The Art of Making Zombies," "Digital Decay: The VFX of The Walking Dead," and "No More Room in Hell: The Walking Dead Phenomenon."
Available at:, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Comic Retailers and online in Blu-Ray or DVD at the AMC Store.

The Walking Dead Limited Edition Autographed Posters
To mark the premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead, artists Drew Struzan (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) and Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher) created exceptional posters for Seasons 1 and 2, respectively, autographed versions of which are now available for purchase in a special limited edition series. Both posters are full color 27x40 super high quality print on art archival paper, signed and numbered by the artist.
Available at: The AMC Store