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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nick Di Paolo: Raw Nerve DVD Review

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Nick Di Paolo: Raw Nerve DVD Review

Synopsis: Scathingly satirical comedian Nick DiPaolo brings his razor wit, trademark sarcasm and strong political views to this socially relevant, typically reckless standup performance.

Review: We love stand-up comedy here at the Legion and we only feature comics that we enjoy, so that we don't waste your time.  Nick Di Paolo is a New York comic with an edge.  He has been featured on some of the roasts and can tear apart with the best of them.  His sets are notoriously risque and a bit brutal.  This new DVD has a solid set that starts out very edgy and eventually settles into his ususal flow, which isn't a bad thing.  This is a great watch and definately worth checking out.

Interest Range: Stand-Up Comedy