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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mangus DVD Review

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Mangus DVD Review

Synopsis: In the tradition of Sordid Lives! A super fun, dark trailer-trash comedy from Ash Christian (Fat Girls), Mangus! revolves around high school senior Mangus Spedgewick (Ryan Boggus) who hopes to fulfill his family s tradition of playing Jesus in the local annual production of Jesus Christ Spectacular. This fresh cult hit co-stars Jennifer Coolidge, John Waters, Leslie Jordan, Heather Matarazzo and Deborah Theaker.

Review: I want to start by saying that Mangus is NOT for everyone.  Thats not a bad thing, but it is a fact.  If you're into bizarre campy art house 70s-style John Waters film, then this one is for you.  If you're not, then you probably won't understand Mangus.  This film is trashy, bizarre and fact it even includes a cameo of Waters himself...playing Jesus.  Thats right.  This one is a must-see for cult film lovers.

Interest Range: Comedy