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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Loups=Garous Blu-Ray Review

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Loups=Garous Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: After a virus claims millions, most live in the safety of a closed-off world, relegating themselves to an on-line existence. But when a young girl decides to brave life outside the virtual world, she finds a group of friends - and a killer. Someone is hunting and violently murdering children. Who? Why? And is she the next target.

Review: We love anime here at the Legion and one of the coolest movies out there is Loups=Garous.  The animation is unique and the plot moves a bit slowly, but its an enjoyable ride.  The film is really fun, the voice actors were solid and the plot has a really nice twist to it.  Don't look for a werewolf film, despite the title!  Another great anime release from Section23 films!

The special features include: Interviews, Pilot Movie, "Scandal" Meets "Loups=Garous", "Koshi-Tantan" Promotional Video, Movie Digest, Picture Drama, Japanese Promotional Video, Japanese Trailer

Interest Range: Anime