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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Look: Season 1 DVD Review

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Look: Season 1 DVD Review

Synopsis: Based on the critically-acclaimed and award-winning feature film.
The post 9/11 world has forever changed the notion of privacy. There are now approximately 40 million surveillance cameras in the United States generating more than 4 billion hours of footage every week. And the numbers are growing. The average American is now captured over 200 times a day, in department stores, gas stations, changing rooms, even public bathrooms. No one is spared from the relentless, unblinking eye of the cameras that are hidden in every nook and cranny of day-to-day life. 

Shot entirely from the point of view of security cameras, Adam Rifkin’s hit Showtime series Look is about the things that people do when they don’t know they’re being watched and takes you on a voyeuristic journey into the most personal parts of their lives. 

Look around you and wonder…who is watching?

Review: Are we secure in this day and age?  Our post 9-11 world has removed a lot of our civil rights, one of which is that we're constantly being watched in a very big brother type of way.  This show is filmed from the POV of security cameras and captures the dramas and things that happen when we don't think anyone is looking.  The show airs on Showtime and is a good watch.  I found myself getting very caught up in the characters.  The POV was annoying at first, but it grows on you quickly.  The faux-voyeuristic feel of the show is a little exciting and the concept is very thought provoking. 

Interest Range: TV Shows, Reality