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Monday, December 19, 2011

IMAX: Arabia Blu-Ray 3D Review

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IMAX: Arabia Blu-Ray 3D Review

Synopsis: From the Academy Award®-nominated producers of Everest and Grand Canyon Adventure comes an all-new experience about the extraordinary culture and history of Arabia. With breathtaking cinematography, go deep into the heart of this exotic land to experience the great mystique of Arabia. Like riding a magic carpet, you will discover the lost city of Madain Saleh and explore its ancient tombs, travel along the early frankincense trade route, confront a wild desert sandstorm, and dive among the gorgeous coral reefs and ancient shipwrecks of the dazzling Red Sea. Plus, in a series of stunning time-lapse images, join the largest single human gathering on Earth for an incredible pilgrimage. Narrated by Academy Award-winner Helen Mirren, this powerful and surprising tour de force offers a deeper understanding of a fascinating culture and way of life that has largely remained hidden, until now. The 3D Blu-ray will also play on a standard Blu-ray player in 2D.

Review: We love documentaries here at the Legion.  This new documentary, Arabia, is a fantastic look at this magical world.  I knew almost nothing about the area until this documentary and I found it to be astoundingly beautiful and rich in culture.  The only downside to this release is that the majority of the documentary isn't actually in 3D, just a small part.  That didn't really bother me personally, but you should know that going in!  This one is a great watch and we definately recommend.

The special features on this blu-ray include: Featurette - The Making Of The MacGillivray Freeman History and IMAX trailers.

Interest Range: Documentary, 3D