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Monday, December 19, 2011

Collecting Star Wars Toys 1977-Present: An Unauthorized Practical Guide Review

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Collecting Star Wars Toys 1977-Present: An Unauthorized Practical Guide Review

About the Book: Presented here in lively text and over 650 color photographs are the toys that have been played with and collected by ardent fans of George Lucas' Star Wars trilogy for twenty years. The action figures, accessories, playsets, and spacecraft of the Rebellion and the Empire are displayed in a colorful and easily referenced format. The gaming equipment, model kits, playthings, promotional items, puzzles, and weapons produced from 1977 through 1997 are examined as well. Not stopping there, this sweeping survey includes an overview of the most popular items from the rest of the ever-expanding Star Wars collectibles universe. Newly revised prices are included in the captions; listings for toys both loose and mint-in-the-package are provided whenever appropriate. Rounding out this practical guide are a short history of science fiction films, an examination of action figures, and a bibliography.

Our Take: Schiffer books is the top maker of collector books.  These full-color guides help fans around the world identify and complete their collections.  In the modern day of the internet, its amazing how these books are still as relevant as ever, since they're portable and well-organized.   This book focuses mainly on the classic and 1990s re-issue Star Wars toys.  The book kinda jumps around a bit, but its informative and fairly complete up to Episode I.  This is the updated second version that included some limited Episode I items, but action figures only.   The guide is great, my son who is a Star Wars collector absolutely loves it.  This one is a bit outdated nowadays, but its nice to see a retro guide.

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