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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Carlos Mencia: New Territory DVD Review

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Carlos Mencia: New Territory DVD Review

Synopsis: Carlos Mencia is back with his extended and uncensored full-length special, New Territory. This is Carlos like you’ve never seen him before, but he still gives you the bold opinions and hysterical observations that have made him one of today’s most popular and successful comedians. Hitting topics that include his views on patriotism and political correctness, this special is packed with 80 minutes of hilarious comedy.

Review: We love stand-up comedy here at the Legion.  We're rather picky about what we watch these days, since we've sat through SO much bad stand-up over the years.  Carlos Mencia is a rather controvertial comic who seems to have personal issues with a lot of other comedians.  That aside, the guy is funny.  He's hilarious, usually.  We love his continually edgy work.  New Territory is more of the same..tons of racial humor and lots of laughs abound.  We highly recommend this one.

Interest Range: Stand-Up Comedy