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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Captain Power: The Complete Series DVD Review

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Captain Power: The Complete Series DVD Review

Synopsis: In the year 2147 humanity has been nearly wiped out. Jonathan Power and his masters of combat, humanity's only hope of defeating Lord Dread (David Hemblen) and his Bio Dread Empire. This complete series collection features all 22 episodes of the cult classic as well as the never-before-aired in the U.S. TV Movie, THE LEGEND BEGINS, for an entire new audience of science fiction fans. BONUS Includes hours of newly-produced special features, including the documentary film Out of the Ashes: The Making of Captain Power; Season 2: Declassified, and The Legend Begins original TV movie which answers fans questions about the second season; cast and crew commentary and a photo gallery

Review: I was familiar with Captain Power growing up, but only the toyline.  I actually had no idea that there was a live-action television show that ran in some Canadian and American markets!  This DVD is the full series release of the rather obsure (to me at least) Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future TV show!  I was absolutely blown away by this one.  It gave me so much more fun depth to the toys.  I found myself really wishing that I'd seen it back when I was young, I would've gone crazy over it.  The characters are great, the costumes are super-cool and the effects are fun. This is an absolute great cult hit and I'm psyched that is on DVD!  We highly recommend this one. 

Interest Range: Vintage TV