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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Earth Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Review

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Another Earth Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Review

Synopsis: Rhoda and john two people whose worlds collide after a tragic accident. Their intimate drama plays out against the astounding discovery of earth 2 a parallel world that poses provocative and fascinating possibilities. Does a new earth mean a chance at another life? another destiny? another self?

Review: I've seen a ton of sci-fi films and a lot of indie art house movies, but I've never seen one movie that combines the two!  That is the beauty of Another Earth.   This film, based around the deep emotional concepts of grief and regret, is a high-concept philosophical drama.   I have never seen a film that is more unique and different from the status quo.  You get a lot of open ends and bizarre visions that are never resolved...and don't be looking for a tidy clean-up in the end, but if you enjoy artistic film and thought provoking film, then you must see this one.

The special features on this blu-ray include: 7 Deleted Scenes, Music Video: “The First Time I Saw Jupiter” by Fall On Your Sword, The Science Behind Another Earth, Creating Another Earth
Fox Movie Channel presents Direct Effect with Mike Cahill, In Character with Brit Marling, and In Character with William Mapother.

Interest Range: Drama