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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tom & Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures Volume 3 DVD Review

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Tom & Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures Volume 3 DVD Review

Synopsis: 14 fur flying episodes from your favorite dynamic duo Tom and Jerry. "Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life", "Bad Say at Cat Rock", "Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary", "Beach Bully Bingo", "A Life Less Guarded", "Northern Light Fish", "Doggone Hill Dog", "Love Me, Love My Mouse", "Sasquahed", "Shutter Bugged Cat", "Snow Mouse", "The Unshrinkable Mouse", "Spook House Mouse", and "Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day".

Review: We love Tom and Jerry here at the Legion.  I grew up watching the old toons and an updated 1980s version of the duo.  We always cover them whenever possible here on DVD Legion.  The latest DVD release is Fur Flying Adventures Volume 3.   The 14 episodes on this DVD are all full of fun and laughter.   These are great to collect and to share with your own kids!  These wonderful old cartoons are timeless.

Interest Range: Animation