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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Rich Are Always With Us DVD Review

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The Rich Are Always With Us DVD Review

Synopsis: The richest woman in the world (Ruth Chatterton) has everything money can buy. But with her heart torn between her faithless husband and an ardent writer (George Brent), she can’t have the one thing every woman wants: happiness. Herbert Hoover was still President and the Depression was at its most depressing when this delicious wallow in uptown romance hit the Bijou, featuring an electric performance by young Bette Davis as a society girl also enamored of the writer. This wasn’t the end of Davis’ relationship with Brent. They would make 11 films together, including Jezebel and Dark Victory. It wasn’t the end of the Chatterton-Brent relationship, either: the on-screen lovers married soon after the film opened.

Review: The Rich Are Always With Us is a vintage 1932 film masterpiece based on a novel by Ethel Pettit.  Basically, it shows how the life of this advantaged and rich woman, played by Ruth Chatterton, is just as screwed up as anyone else.  She is stuck in her marriage, torn between two men.  The film takes a few twists, but ends up nicely.

The film actually includes an early Bette Davis performance that is worth noting, as well.  Overall, this one is a great piece of cinematic history and is so much fun to watch.  This snapshot into culture and the depression era is priceless.  The picture looks fantastic!  This DVD is only available online from the Warner Archive at!

Interest Range: Vintage Film