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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The League: The Complete Season Two Blu-Ray Review

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The League: The Complete Season Two Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Suit up for Season 2 of The League, the hilarious fantasy football comedy that elevates humiliation to an art form. After a wild road trip to Vegas to kick off the draft, the season hits its stride as Taco finds a toilet seat made out of cocaine, Ruxin goes to outrageous lengths to meet an NFL player, and Pete fashions a league loser's trophy from a bull's privates. Keep your head on a swivel for guest stars like Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Suggs and Josh Cribbs - plus unrated bonus features that go so far out of bounds, the censor must have swallowed his whistle!

Review: The League carries on with season two.  We get more of the same with this funny show.  Its basically a bunch of guys that have league for fantasty football and their interactions and lives.  The football seems to instersect and interfere with all facets of their lives.  The comedy is a little more outrageous this season and the character development is really paying off with some nice and easy to swallow humor.  This one is a great watch.

The special features on this blu-ray include: Disc 1: Deleted Scenes, Kluneberg Paint by Numbers, El Notario, Taco Tones Productions Presents: I'm Inside Me, Notarize!, Andre's Extended Fads and Ruxin's Wedding Video.  Disc 2: Deleted Scenes, Alt Nation, Gag Reel and Taco Tones Productions Presents: Vinegar Strokes.

Interest Range: Comedy