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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Terri Blu-Ray Review

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Terri Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Life is in session in the year's biggest Sundance hit. Social outcast Terri (Jacob Wysocki) is stuck caring for his uncle (Creed Bratton, TV's The Office) and trying to survive high school. He feels disconnected until his wildly unconventional Vice Principal (John C. Reilly, Walk Hard) inspires him to reach out. Now with the help of beautiful misfit Heather (Olivia Crocicchia, TV's Rescue Me), Terri discovers he doesn’t have to fit in to belong.

Review: Terri is the ultimate independant film.   When I think arthouse coming of age drama, this is the film I will mention.  I would go as far as to call this one an instant classic within the genre.  Terri is ackward and stands out..he even wears pajamas to school!  You can hardly blame him..he spends his time caring for his uncle that has dimentia.  Terri meets up with a bizarre John C. Reilly, the school vice principal and together with him and this girl that is honestly far out of his league, he finds some life worth living.  This is a fantastic indie film and is definately worth checking out.

Interest Range: Indie, Drama