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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Submarine Blu-Ray Review

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Submarine Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Young Oliver Tate's coming of age is coming even sooner than expected. Prone to daydreaming, listening to French crooners and indulging other self-absorbed fantasies, Oliver (Craig Roberts) suddenly finds himself submerged in real-life, dual challenges -- plotting to lose his virginity with a quirky new girlfriend (Yasmin Paige), while also struggling to reconcile his parent's (Golden Globe® winner Sally Hawkins and Noah Taylor) marriage, even though his mom seems smitten with the self-help guru next door (Paddy Considine). This charmingly original comedy from executive producer Ben Stiller and writer/director Richard Ayoade, has been pronounced by Vogue magazine ''a charming mix of quirk and cool.''

Review: Submarine is a click film with a nice indie feel.  On the other hand, director Ben Stiller really brings the charm and warmth too, as we see a young british boy grow up and learn about the complications of love.  The boy falls for a troubled girl in school, only as he learns that his mother may be cheating on his father.  Faced with the harsh realities of life, he grows and evolves before our eyes.  Stiller manages to bring us this tale, which isn't terribly original at it's core, in a fresh and very cool package. 

Interest Range: Drama