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Thursday, October 20, 2011

SilverHawks: Season 1, Volume 2 DVD Review

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SilverHawks: Season 1, Volume 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: Partly Metal, Partly Real And All Heroes! The space-age successors to the ThunderCats are back, in this long anticipated second volume full of sci-fi cyber heroics. Animated by the same production company that handled ThunderCats and featuring many of the same voice actors, SilverHawks pits a team of cybernetically enhanced heroes against interstellar crime lord Mon*Star and his minions. New SilverHawks Condor, Moonstryker, and Flashback (a SilverHawk from the future!) join the fight alongside Commander Stargazer, Quicksilver and company in this 33 episode, 4-Disc collection.

SilverHawks Volume Two Episodes:
Eye Of Infinity
Melodia's Siren Song
Tally-Hawk Returns
A Piece Of The Action
Super Birds
The Blue Door
The Star Of Bedlam
The Illusionist
The Bounty Hunter Returns
The Chase
Junkyard Dog
Window In Time
Gangwar (Part I)
Gangwar (Part II)
Sneak Attack (Part I)
Sneak Attack (Part II)
The Diamond Stick-Pin
Battle Cruiser
Small World
Stargazer's Refit
The Invisible Destroyer

Review: This DVD release represents the second and final release of the vintage Silverhawks series.   Silverhawks Season 1, Volume 2 includes the final 33 episodes of the series.  We're so psyched that they decided to release the rest of this series for us fans!  It looked like they wouldn't for awhile there!  The one catch is that you won't find this one in stores..its only available on!   Silverhawks was a fantastic was the spage-age follow-up to Thundercats.  I loved the toys back in the fact, I had to bust them out to watch the show.  My kids were thrilled to play with them and they really love the show.  I'm so glad that I can share these cartoons from my childhood with my own kids!  They all look wonderful and sound great!

Here are a few examples of the screen resolution quality.

Interest Range: Vintage Animation