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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Robotech: The Complete Original Series DVD Review

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Robotech: The Complete Original Series DVD Review

Synopsis: ROBOTECH is a sweeping science-fiction anime epic of humans defending their home world against alien domination. The saga is told through the eyes of characters caught up in a series of wars that erupts when a mysterious spacecraft crash-lands on Earth at the turn of the millennium. The secrets of alien knowledge aboard this vessel were unlocked, leading to the development of "Robotechnology" and the creation of a vast arsenal of robotic "mecha" to defend the Earth against the alien threats that would eventually strike to lay claim to the mysterious power source known as "protoculture." 

Carl Macek’s groundbreaking sci fi epic has enthralled audiences since it first appeared on American television in 1985. One of the first-ever anime imports, this saga spans three generations of mankind’s fight for freedom. 

ROBOTECH: THE COMPLETE SERIES contains the remastered versions of all 85 episodes from the three Robotech Wars: THE MACROSS SAGA, THE ROBOTECH MASTERS and THE NEW GENERATION.

Review: Robotech or Robotic Technology was an anime series that came to America in the 1985.  It was a bizarre situation, because what the show actually was is a mixture of three different anime series that already existed in Japan re-edited into a whole new show!  Crazy, right?  WRONG!  It was the best. 

Now, we get the ENTIRE series on DVD thanks to A&E, who picked up the distribution rights to the series.   This release has all of the episodes, including Robotech: The Movie and Robotech II: The Sentinels.   This great DVD boxed set is packed in slim cases with great artwork from the show. 

This three season series had humankind fighting in the three Robotech wars over the most powerful energy source, Protoculture.  We get to see the Macross Saga, Robotech Masters and the New Generation.  The animation is very typical of anime from the early 1980s.  The voice acting is solid and the show still holds up for those that saw it as a kid.  For many of us this one was our first introduction to anime, the format that has taken over America over the past decade!    This show is legendary and it was such a treat to see it again.

The special features on this DVD set include: The Making of Robotech Documentary – NEW to DVD, Robotech Music Videos – NEW to DVD, Robotech Overview – NEW to DVD, Alternate versions of select Robotech episodes – NEW to DVD, Robotech: The Movie supplementals (including several sequences NEW to DVD), Macross Original Pilot – Parts 1, 2 and 3 (Parts 2 and 3 NEW to DVD), Promotional reel of Robotech Launch in China – NEW to DVD, Over 2.5 hours of deleted scenes, Robotech: The Sentinels (with optional audio commentary), Robotech: The Sentinels promotional video, Macross Original Pilot – Parts 1, 2 and 3, Mospeada Original Pilot – Part 1, Original opening and closing animations, Galaxy of the Stars - Harmony gold promotional reel, Toy Commercial and Videogame presentation reels, International clips for all three Robotech Wars, A vast stills appendix containing character bios, model sheets, pre-production art, comic book covers, and merchandise galleries And much, much more!

Interest Range: Vintage Animation