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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Housewife DVD Review

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Housewife DVD Review

Synopsis: The pre-code tale of adultery that squeaked past the censors! Coming at the tail end of 1934, Housewife was released shortly before the imposition of the “Hays Code” would render its subject matter ‘verboten!’ This turgid melodrama finds modern bachelor girl Patricia Berkeley (Bette Davis) dueling it out with modern housewife Nan Reynolds (Ann Dvorak) for the affections and ministrations of Nan’s husband, William (George Brent). Ambitious office manager William finally succeeds in setting up shop for himself in the advertising biz thanks to help from copywriter Pat and ideas from housewife Nan. When his late nights working at the office with Pat turn into something else, Nan must decide if William is worth fighting for. That is, if Pat will let her. Davis is at her vamping, doe-eyed best as the jaded sophisticated Pat, a copywriter who knows how to spin the right line to lure a guy. 

Review: Another 1930s classic with Bette Davis bringing her on-screen dynamite!   She isn't the main player in this one, but she definately has a key role.  This film is, at its core, a movie about marriage.  Funnily, its more relevant now than ever with our divorce rates being what they are.  The film is about a couple who has a strained marriage thanks to finances and through a new job and business they decide to get divorced.  After a tragedy with their son they end up happily, though not until the last minute.  This one is great for any couple to see and is a great example of early filmmaking.  This one is available only online from the Warner Archive.

Interest Range: Vintage Film