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Sunday, October 30, 2011

CatDog: Season One, Part One DVD Review

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CatDog: Season One, Part One DVD Review

Synopsis: It's opposites attached with the most unlikely brother duo ever in Season 1 Part 1 of the hit Nickelodeon show CatDog, Two packed discs will have you howling with laughter and purring with delight as conjoined brothers Cat and Dog maneuver their way around their hometown of Nearburg while trying to avoid the bully Greaser Dogs and Winslow T. Oddfellow, the devious blue mouse that lives in the wall of their house. So get ready for a wild ride with Cat, Dog, Rancid Rabbit, Lube, Cat's Swedish Penpal, Ingrid, Eddie the Squirrel, and a host of other characters sure to make you sit up and beg for more!

Review: CatDog is a hilarious animated show from Nickelodeon that aired back in the late 1990s.  This DVD release contains the first half of season one, with the second half due in 2012.  Catdog was a bizarre hybrid creature that was outcast and lives outside of town, often getting into crazy situations with a great supporting cast of insane animals.  The kids love it and its so fun to be able to share this toon with them for the first time.  This release from Shout Factory is fantastic.  The video transfer looks great on all ten episodes and we can't wait to collect the rest of the series.

Interest Range: Animation