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Monday, October 31, 2011

Ace Your Zombie Exam!: The Official Ph.Z. Study Guide Book Review

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Ace Your Zombie Exam!: The Official Ph.Z. Study Guide Book Review

About the Book: Humans, Zombies—we're not that different. We're all hungry for a better life or post-life. That's why the living and living dead alike are turning more frequently to education in order to improve their standing (or slouching, as the case may be). No enrollment necessary—you need only this book and that high-performance noggin of yours.

Best of all, this guide offers not just any sample test, but the PhZ exam from the esteemed Port-Au-Prince Capon Academy. And at the end, humans can fill out and award an official PhZ diploma! (Zombies are currently only eligible for the SPLAT.)

Our Take: This newest book in the zombie humor genre appears at face value to be pretty good.  I started to read through it though and I got a little lost in the beginning.  The humor is hit and miss and the introduction seems to drag on forever.   Once you get to the actual quiz part..the real test, then it gets fun.  This one is a very light read and is a fun novelty gift for a friend or loved one that is into zombies (and who isn't these days?)

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