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Friday, September 16, 2011

Two And A Half Men: The Complete Eighth Season DVD Review

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Two And A Half Men: The Complete Eighth Season DVD Review

Synopsis: This season, Charlie has a thorny problem: Rose. Before, she was on the make for Charlie. Now she’s married and supposedly off-limits – and that’s irresistible for lust-struck Charlie. He pursues her. That and other situations are all part of the hilarious antics of Charlie, his sad-sack bro Alan and his underachieving nephew Jake as they return to make Two and a Half Men #1 among TV comedies. Don’t miss Charlie keeping his mojo in motion with Michelle (elegant, older), Courtney (cheap, sexy) and, of course, Rose (crazy, crazy). Alan burning down his girlfriend’s house and hatching a chiropractic Ponzi scheme. And Jake risking his body and (few) brain cells to film a Jackass ripoff. Bad boys. Funny Men.

Review: This DVD represents the final season of "winning"!  This is Charlie Sheen's last season on Two And A Half Men.  Its almost something you need to buy as a pop culture momento!  This show has stayed consistantly funny through all eight seasons and this past one was no exception.  They managed to keep the same magic going and the formula really didn't get tired.  Thats why its such a shame that Charlie went looney.  Ah, well...what could have been!  Jake is getting older and the comedy is adjusting to that.  Things are even crazier and the laughs are definately there.  There isn't much for special features, just a gag reel, but the content is solid.

Interest Range: Comedy, TV Shows