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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TMNT 25th Collection - Fabry Cover Book Review

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TMNT 25th Collection - Fabry Cover Book Review

About the Book: This special collection is a remastered & expanded version of the enormously popular and completely sold out TMNT 25th Anniversary Book.  We've added an 8 page gallery and four different fantastic covers. This edition features a gorgeous Glenn Fabry cover. 

Only 500 copies of this book with the Fabry cover are available and 150 of these will be sold exclusively at ComicCon is San Diego. 

Through a special agreement with Mirage Studios, and other than the original Eastman & Laird 15 issue run--Kevin Eastman has hand picked his all time favorite Turtle Tales--long stories and short features--which include team-ups with Corben, Talbot, Lawson, Bode, and many, many more! 196 pages of TMNT awesomeness!

Our Take: The TMNT 25th anniversary book is a MUST have.  This limited edition features artwork by Glen Fabry that still stands out as absolutely fantastic.  This is your chance to own the very popular and sold out book!  We reviewed this one awhile back, you can read that full review on our site.  The book is the same, except for the new cover and a great cover gallery in the back that features classic artwork.  This one is a must have for any Ninja Turtles and comic book fan! 

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