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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book Review

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The Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book Review

About the Book: Over 24,000 items with checklist-style listings, over 12,000 color photos, and accurate estimated values make this collector s guide a must-have for everybody who has ever owned merchandise produced for the Star Wars saga or who is selling or buying it now. Items have been collected from over 50 countries and compiled together into this impressive tome, the latest version of the longest running Star Wars identification guide series ever in print. This new edition covers the range from Advertising and Dart Boards to Squeaky Toys and Window Clings, everything, that is, except toys a category so large it will now comprise its own book. From the 1976 pre-release movie paperback through the latest Clone Wars kitchenware, thirty-five years of exciting and obscure Star Wars collectibles are archived here for you to discover, marvel over, and enjoy.

Our Take: Star Wars is one of the most collected franchises in history.  Its without a doubt the most popular film franchise, as well.  Thousands of fans have amassed gigantic collections of product from comics to toys, keychains, statues and dozens of other collectibles.  This particular collectible guide, published by Shiffer books, is a new frontier in record keeping.  Any serious collector knows that after awhile you begin to lose sight of not only what you have in your collection, but also what all is out there.  When you have product like Star Wars that has been licensed for decades internationally its nearly impossible to keep track of it, unless you're completely obsessive!  The Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book gives you insight on thousands of products with a TON of great full color images.  I learned SO much about what is out there that I had no idea.  This book features everything you can imagine from the original trilogy up to the prequels...from books, keychains, cups, pins, electronics and patches to dozens of other items.   This one is absolutely priceless to anyone looking to get into collecting or even the most seasoned of collectors!  We absolutely love it.

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