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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Phantom of Hollywood DVD Review

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The Phantom of Hollywood DVD Review

Synopsis: Worldwide Films was the biggest of the big, the grandest of the grand. But the era of dream factories has gone, replaced by the era of quick-bucks real estate. It’s time to sell the studio, parcel by parcel. Not so fast, a mysterious someone says – someone who has secretly lived amid the sets and soundstages for decades, someone who will kill to preserve his backlot home. The Phantom of Hollywood lures movie fans with its luminous cast and a remember-when nostalgia that includes clips from famous classic films contrasted with glimpses of the same sets years later (filming took place at MGM while the backlot was being dismantled). Enter the realm of the phantom’s mad, murder-filled memory lane. Lights, camera…mystery!

Review: This cool 1970s made for TV movie was the last film that was filmed on the MGM backlot, as it was destroyed afterwards.  This murder mystery is a spoof on the Phantom of the Opera, with a disfigured actor running round killing people to save his secret home.  This one is a fun watch.  Its been impossible to get until now. The Warner Archive is making it on demand and its a gem!  If you're into 70s TV or just cool old movies with a sense of humor, check this one out!

Interest Range: Vintage